White Palm Oil Soap Noodles 1kg

Farmhouse Soap

BATH CONFETTI Ingredients: 1kg soap noodles (Soap Barn) Soap colouring (Soap Barn) Fragrance (Soap Barn) Cellophane (Chocolate Den) Boxes for packaging (Soap Barn) Cookie cutter (Chocolate Den) Method: Place your noodles in a large pot on the stove and add five litres of water. Leave on a very low heat (1-2) for about two hours till all the noodles have dissolved in the water. Now add colouring and fragrance of your choice. Always use loads of fragrance in your confetti mixture because you want your end product to be very fragrant. Mix well. Lay sheets of cellophane on the floor and pour your melted soap noodles directly onto the cellophane. Leave for 20 minutes to set. Now take your cookie cutter and cut out the entire sheet of soap. The soap that is not confetti should be pulled away from the cellophane and put back into the pot to melt for a second round. Leave the cut out confetti to dry overnight. When the confetti is dry the cellophane will be all puckered up. Pull the sides of the cellophane straight and the dried confetti will pop off. Place the confetti in an attractive box. Using Bath Confetti: Sprinkle confetti into the bath. It will fragrance and soap your water. You will feel heavenly with gorgeous smelling soap flowers swirling around you.