Soy Candle Wax for Candles and Melts 1kg

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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOY WAX FOR CANDLES AND COSMETIC SOY WAX: Both the soy wax for candles and the cosmetic soy wax are 100% natural soy wax. There is nothing added or extra - just plain soy wax - oil from the soy bean. However, the refining process is different and that means one of them is good only for candles and the other is good for making body butter candles and lotions. The soy wax for candles should only be used for candles and not used on the body. BURNERS WITH SOY WAX MELTS Requirements: 1kg Soy wax for candles (Soap Barn) Small chocolate mould (Chocolate Den) Fragrance or Essential Oil (Soap Barn) Burner (Soap Barn) Tea light candles (Soap Barn) Candle dyes - optional (Soap Barn) Method: Melt your soy candle wax in the microwave. Add 10% fragrance to your melted wax or 5% essential oil. Pour into your mould and leave to set. You can place the mould in the freezer to speed up the setting time. When wax melts are set un-mould and package them. Using your wax melts in burners: Light a tealight candle and place it at the bottom of the burner. Put a wax melt into the top of the burner. Enjoy long lasting wonderful aroma all day long.