Soy Wax Supreme (Cosmetic) 500g

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SOY WAX BODY BUTTER CANDLES Requirements: 250g Soy wax (Soap Barn) 50g Coconut oil (Soap Barn) Fragrance (Soap Barn) Oil colouring (Soap Barn) Candle wick (Soap Barn) Glass, metal or ceramic container Method: Melt the soy wax in the microwave. Add your melted coconut oil. Add your fragrance. Position your wick in the middle of the container and make sure it stays upright by placing kebab sticks on either side. Leave to set. Light the candle when you go for a bath or shower. The room will be filled with ambient light and wonderful fragrance. After bathing use the warm melted wax to rub all over your body for the softest, smoothest skin.