Diffuser Reeds Rattan (1000)

Soap Barn Specialities

CITRONELLA DIFFUSER Requirements: Rattan Reeds (Soap Barn) 50ml Citronella essential oil (Soap Barn) 100ml Diffuser Oil Base (Soap Barn) Yellow liquid colour (Soap Barn) Green liquid colour (Soap Barn) 150ml Glass Bottle (Soap Barn) Method: Combine the essential oil and the diffuser oil base and mix very well. Add the yellow and green colouring to make a lime oil. This way the reeds absorb the fragrance and the colour and you have matching reeds with fragrance. Pour the mixed diffuser oil into your bottle and add your rattan reeds. Leave the reeds to wick (absorb the oil up the hollow tubes) for a couple of hours and turn them over. You can turn them over every couple of days for best results. Use this diffuser anywhere in the house to keep away flies and mosquitoes.