Fizz-Bop 1kg

Soap Barn Specialities

FIZZ-BOP BATH FIZZ Requirements: Fizz-Bop (Soap Barn) Fragrance (Soap Barn) Dried herbs or flowers (Soap Barn) Method: Place your Fizz-Bop in the microwave for 30 seconds to soften and warm. Mix your fragrance into your Fizz-Bop. Crush your flowers fine and mix them into your Fizz-Bop. Roll your Fizz-Bop into small balls. Leave the Fizz-Bop balls to set in the freezer for ten minutes. These gorgeous Fizz-Bop balls fizz like volcanoes!. Drop one or two balls into the water as you are relaxing in a hot bath and they will fizz madly and release loads of nourishing oils for your skin. You can also mould your Fizz-Bop in moulds, you don't have to roll them by hand