Soap-Doh 1kg

Soap Barn Specialities

SOAP-DOH Requirements: Soap Doh (Soap Barn) Powder soap dyes (Soap Barn) Fruity fragrances (Soap Barn) Cookie cutters (Chocolate Den) Method: Colour and fragrance the Soap Doh. I like to use the powder soap dyes because they will change the colour of the bath water. (Use plastic gloves when mixing to avoid brightly coloured hands!) Add lots of fragrance for a sense sensation! Your children can play with Soap Doh in and out the bath. It is soft and gentle on the hands, works just like play dough - but is also a soap! Roll it, shape it, cut it! The children can use the Soap Doh just like that or they can leave it to set for a day so they have fabulous little Soap Doh cakes to play with and wash with in the bath!