Soap Gel 5lt

Soap Barn Specialities

SOAP CLOUDS Ingredients: 500ml clear bubble bath/liquid soap (Soap Barn) 500ml Soap Gel (Soap Barn) Fragrance (Soap Barn) Soap colouring (Soap Barn) 500ml pump action bottle and 500ml squeeze bottle (Soap Barn) Method: Mix a couple of drops of soap colouring into the clear bubble bath and thirty drops of fragrance. Stir though well till the colour and fragrance are equally distributed throughout the soap. Mix fifty drops of fragrance into your white soap gel. Fill 1/4 of your bottle first with your coloured liquid soap - using a funnel. Now fill the second quarter with soap gel - using a funnel. Repeat this process once more so that your bottle is full. Although you have poured your soaps into your bottles in 4 layers they will mingle to form gorgeous soap clouds. Use your soap clouds as hand wash at the basin or as shower gel.