Bubble-Doh 5kg

Soap Barn Specialities

BUBBLE-DOH CAKES Ingredients: 1kg Bubble-Doh (Soap Barn) Rose fragrance (Soap Barn) Mother of pearl glitter (Soap Barn) Pink mother of pearl glitter (Soap Barn) Round mould (Soap Barn) Paper flowers (Chocolate Den) Heart pearls (Chocolate Den) Method: Remove some of your Bubble-Doh from the sealed bag. You can use plastic gloves because working long with very this very soapy mixture will dry your hands. Mix your fragrance into your Bubble-Doh as much or as little as you like. I think your Bubble-Doh should always smell heavenly and the more fragrance the better! Knead the Bubble-Doh well till the fragrance is mixed through. Lightly dust your mould with bicarbonate of soda to help the Bubble-Doh release easily. Fill your round mould with Bubble-Doh and then gently knock the shape out of the mould into your hand. Place the round cake on a thick wad of old newspaper covered in paper towelling. Sprinkle some glitter onto the cake. Now decorate it with organza ribbon, paper flowers and heart pearls. Leave the cakes to set till they are hard. Then crumble under hot running water in the bath for a fabulous bubble bath.