Magic Mould (Rubber for Mould Making) 1kg


Magic Mould Using your Magic Mould: Choose an object that you wish to copy and make a mould from. The object must be hard, non-porous and must not melt at 140 degrees. You can sculpt or carve a shape from a bar of commercial soap. Place the object you wish to mould in a non-porous container that will not melt. I use foil tins. You can use glass, ceramic or tin. Melt your Magic-Mould in the microwave 1 minute at at time in a glass pyrex jug. Check and stir in between each minute. Magic mould can burn so make sure it is never in for more than one minute at a time. If you burn your magic mould it cannot be used or re-used. Magic-Mould gets very hot and can cause horrible burns - it’s not a toy and should not be used by children. Always use oven gloves when melting and pouring. Never touch the melted Magic-Mould. When your Magic-Mould is melted and very runny pour over your mould object. Leave two hours to set. Remove your new mould! Magic mould can be used over and over again. All you need to do is re-melt your Magic-Mould and start over again.