Candle Wax 1kg (white candle wax)

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ICE LANTERN CANDLE White powder candle wax (Soap Barn). Candle dyes (Soap Barn). PCV Pipe for cylindrical Mould (Soap Barn). Tin foil. Wick (Soap Barn). Sustainers (Soap Barn). Method: Melt your wax gently in a pot on the stove. You will need a PVC pipe cylinder that is sealed at the bottom with tin foil. Start by cutting your wick to size (and a bit). Dip your wick into the melted wax and hold it up so it can set straight. Fasten your sustainer to the bottom of your waxed wick. Position the wick in the middle of the cylinder using a tiny bit of prestik under the sustainer. Tie the top of the wick onto a kebab stick that balances on the top of the cylinder. (If you ultimately wish to have a bigger flame you can cut three pieces of wick and plait them. Then dip them in the wax and position them just as you would do with one strand.) Place ice-cubes all around the inside edge of the cylinder, keeping them away from the wick. Pour your melted wax into the sealed ice-packed cylinder all the way to the top. Leave to set. I find it is best to leave this candle on a large plate or even in the basin while it sets. The ice melts quite quickly and soon runs out, so it is best that your candle is left to set in a place that will handle the melting ice. After about two hours you can remove the tin foil off the bottom of the cylinder and un-mould your candle. I like to break through some of the thinner parts to reveal bigger holes. You can even use a hair dryer to open up some of the holes. The more holes you have the nicer your candle will be. As the candle burns down the light shines through the holes and you have a wonderful lantern effect. When your wick has burned right down to the bottom you can replace it with a tea-light candle at the bottom to keep your lantern going.