Capsules Empty (100)


Happy Pills Soap Dyes (Soap Barn) Fragrances to match your dyes (Soap Barn) Bath salts fine (Soap Barn) Empty Capsules (Soap Barn) Small PVC Envelope (Soap Barn) Method: Divide the bath salts into small bowls. Add different dyes to each bowl and matching fragrances. For example: Pink - rose, purple - lavender, yellow - lemongrass, orange - honeybush etc. If you are making Happy Pills for children you will use fruit fragrances instead. For example red - strawberry, blue - bubblegum, yellow - banana, green - apple etc. Fill your capsules with the coloured and fragranced salt. Put the filled capsules into small glass bottles or into a small PVC envelope. WHY DO HAPPY PILLS MAKE YOU HAPPY? Drop a couple of Happy Pills into the bath and you will instantly be happier! The Happy Pills will colour and fragrance your water. If you are soaking in a lime green bath breathing in the wonderful fragrance of lemongrass how could you not be happy? If you are soaking in light blue water with the wonderful scent of ocean mist surrounding you - please tell my how you could possibly not be happy?! If you are relaxing in a orange bath with the smell of pina colada surrounding you - how on earth you could you not be absolutely delighted?!