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REQUIREMENTS: 1kg Soap-Doh, Powder dyes – red, blue, yellow, 3 Fruity fragrances, Cellophane for wrapping, Soap-Doh stickers METHOD: Divide your Soap-Doh into separate parts for all the colours you would like to make. Colour each part with powder dye (this is very concentrated and you will achieve excellent results with it – I recommend you use plastic gloves) Fragrance each coloured Soap-Doh with a matching fragrance. Roll the Soap-Doh into thick sausages. Package the sausages in cellophane so the Soap-Doh is airtight. Using Soap-Doh: This product is a play dough for bath time. It is soft, smooth and gentle on the skin. It is a mild soap and will wash children as they play with it. This is an all time bath favourite with children.