Bath Confetti Recipe Pack

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INGREDIENTS: 1kg soap noodles, 3 Soap colourings, 3 Fragrances, Cellophane, 4 Tubs for packaging Method: Melt 1kg soap noodles 5lt water in a pot on the stove. When all the noodles are dissolved divide the mixture into three bowls. Dissolve a pinch of powder dye in hot water and then add it to your mixture. Then add fragrance. You can be generous with both colour and fragrance. Pour each mixture onto your kitchen counter and leave it 20 minutes to set. When the mixture has set, lift the soap off the counter and place it on a cellophane sheet. Take a butter knife and cut lines down and across the soap - so the soap is divided into tiny squares. Leave the soap to dry for two days and then gently tap it off the cellophane, and separate the tiny squares. Mix the coloured squares together or keep them separate. Your confetti is now ready for use. Throw the soap confetti into your bath for a colourful, fun and soapy bath!