Lavender Bath Tea Recipe Pack

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INGREDIENTS: Dried lavender flowers, Bath Crystals, Purple Powder Dye, Lavender Fragrance, Heat Seal Tea Bags, Cellophane Bags. METHOD: Put 1 cup dried lavender flowers into a glass bowl. Add 2 cups bath crysals (epsom salts). Add lavender fragrance or lavender essential oil. If you like you can leave the lavender bath tea white or you can add purple powder dye. This this will colour the mixture and also the bath water. Fill your teabags. I find they take about 1 tablespoon of mixture but you could put less if you like. Seal your teabags with heat. You can use an iron or even a heated teaspoon handle. I didn't have an iron, hair straightening tongs and of course a sealing machine will work if you have one of those. Whatever method you use they are all quick and easy. Finally you can pack your teabags cellophane bags to keep them fresh