Bubble-Doh Macaroons Recipe Pack

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INGREDIENTS: 1kg Bubble-Doh, Marshmallow fragrance, Lustre sparkle, Pink powder colouring, Pink powder colouring, Mother of Pearl glitter, Piping Bag, Star nozzle, Icing pearls, Paper cups METHOD: Remove your Bubble-Doh from the sealed bag and place it in a bowl. Add 200ml hot water and mix through well till you have a smooth soft porridge consistency. Add your fragrance and colouring now. Put your mixture in a piping bag with a star nozzle. Pipe your macaroons out onto waz paper or cellophane. Place an icing pearl in the middle of each macaroon and sprinkle some mother of pearl glitter over the top. Leave the macaroons 4-5 days to set hard. Then package them in brown paper cups.