Soap Crayons Recipe Pack

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INGREDIENTS: 1kg white olive oil farmhouse soap, Crayon mould, Bulldog clips, 3 Soap powder dyes, Cellophane, Soap crayon lables Method: Cut the crayon shapes out of your mould with a 1cm boarder all the way around. Cut out the flat bottom of each crayon. Clip two sides of the crayon together all the way around with bulldog clips to make a 3-D crayon. Place your crayon mould in a large cup with point facing down and open bottom facing up. Gently melt the soap in a pot on the stove or in the microwave in a plastic jug. Divide your melted soap into separate pots or jugs for all the colours you intend to make. Dissolve your powder dyes in a little water and then add them to the melted soap. Stir through well till the soap is dark with colour. We make these crayons dark so they can be used for drawing on the bath and drawing on the body in the bath. Leave the soap to cool and thicken. When it is cool pour it in to the mould right to the top. Leave for two hours to set. Remove the clips from around the mould and un-mould your crayon soap. Leave your soap a day or two to dry and harden. Then wrap the crayon (not the point, just the body) with cellophane and then complete your product with the label