Candle Gel 5 lt

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CITRONELLA CANDLES Requirements: 1lt Gel Wax (Soap Barn) Glass jar (Soap Barn) 1 pack pre-waxed wicks (Soap Barn) Yellow candle colouring (Soap Barn) Green candle colouring (Soap Barn Citronella essential oil (Soap Barn) Method: Melt the gel wax in a pot directly on the stove over a very low heat. When the gel is melted it will run like water. Then add a couple of drops of yellow candle colouring and one drop of green colouring and 20ml citronella essential oil to the melted gel. Dip the sustainer end of the wick into the melted gel and position the wick in the bucket or jar. Then fill the container to the top. Leave to set. Use these citronella candles indoors and outdoors all summer to keep away flies and mosquitoes and other bugs.